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Reasons to Vote for Bernie Sanders as Our next President

Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking to be the next President of the United States of America. He is doing quite well considering that he began just ten months ago and the establishment media has tried to ignore his efforts. Bernie is the best man for the job because he has some wonderful ideas to take back Our country from the 1% to return it to the 99%. I am in favor of his actions and I want to continue helping him accomplish his desired goals. Free and affordable College, free health care for all as a right, restore voters rights, restore veteran's rights, create a more equitable wage by increasing the federal minimum wage to $15.

Empower yourself...

Empower yourself...this will involve your efforts to expand your consciousness. There is a great book written by T Colin Campbell titled The China Study. As a researcher Dr. Campbell has had a 40-50 year journey. The China Study is a very comprehensive presentation of the data experienced by Dr. Campbell. His information was published in 2005. I completed reading it in 2014 and I recommend that each and every individual read it and incorporate the wisdom and knowledge from his publication and share it with your family, friends, coworkers plus neighbors and post it to your social media.
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