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Corn Pollution and Chelation Therapy, Insecticides

Corn seems to be a main vegetable in most soup kitchens and I would be willing make a friendly wager that the officials coordinating each soup kitchen, hospitals, nursing homes and the school lunch programs, etc. don't know this information. I wonder if the corn tortilla companies know this information? How can they be notified? Who approved this? How could congress allow this to happen to US human Beings? Why are we being forced to pollute Our body by not knowing? Pondering questions...we must make changes. Chemicals are foreign to the body so they challenge the body's well being. How many foreign chemicals does the body/brain get insulted by before it becomes ill from overload? Chelation Therapy needs to be a routine method to rid the human physiology of these poisonous  substances. Chelation rids the body and brain of toxic heavy metals as well as excess calcium that makes plaque and impedes the circulatory systems of the entire arteries and venous pathways. Start, safely clearing and cleaning out the toxic obstructions as a first line of treatment by our medical community. Thank God.

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spencer4coaching on Sunday, December 14, 2014 9:40 PM
I am reading a great book by Colin T. Campbell, a researcher. The book is titled The China Study, published in 2005. It presents nutritional research information...animal protein vs vegetable protein. Vegetable protein protects and heals against Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and other health challenges. Take the time to read it as soon as possible, sooner than later. Powerful information. Easy to make the change!
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