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Ebola and infant mortality on Our planet Earth

It is heartening to see you take a position on children and the child in each of US. I wrote a message on Yahoo News today to the Ebola Virus crisis in Africa. I have communicated about some of the problems and solutions...we have the answers, we have the answers and some of those answers follow. We can continue to complicate it or we can go back to nature and natural methods. There is a business, the medical community, that wants it to be complicated and costly. It needs to be simplified and less costly...natural methods, balancing the individual's biochemistry is a vital step in the process. Our tap water is contaminated with Chlorine, Fluoride, Aluminum, Cadmium, allowable parts per million/billion of lead, mercury, cryptosporidium and other names that are unique to the community one lives in and or the water they drink, cook with, bath in, shower in etc. Children are victims because their parents may not know or may be so overwhelmed by additional responsibilities that they just choose to do what is most convenient for them. The school systems need to clean things up, the lunch programs, snacks, milk is contaminated with mercury, bovine growth hormone, diabetes protein. There is the problem with aluminum cookware as well as aluminum housed drinks. My letter follows.
"It is time to use the methods of fortifying the immune systems of all the people in the regions that seem to be affected by this Ebola Virus. Natural Solutions Foundation has stated in a response to the NY Times that they assisted with an earlier outbreak of the Ebola Virus and were successful with stopping it. Nano Silver 10 PPM and Vitamin C are two very useful methods that need to be used.
The doctor who was returned to the US and cured in Georgia was reported to have been given electrolytes and other nutrients to build up his immune systems. Quit playing with people's life and treat them with the natural methods that build everyone's immune system. Actually everyone needs to learn what they can do for themselves because their health is an individual responsibility. Take the time to learn now so you can save your own life. Clearly it appears that the medical community has not been taught about the immune systems or they are being persuaded to avoid the basic important methods provided by God and/or by choosing other more expensive and complicated methods instead what every body needs...A,B,C,D,E,F etc. Organic foods, clean spring water, micro nutrients, minerals, life force...what the body/brain is made of/from. Give the person the frequencies that serve their needs, not foreign frequencies that add more challenging circumstances to complicate the situation. Liberia, Nigeria and the other regions need to make the changes...sooner than later! Thank You God, Thank You..."

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