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I want make my post here and then choose which one will look the best, for the clarity of the viewer that is. I want to get a quote for additional business information cards.

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I am interested in posts to my blog that address questions about wellness or disorders that are causing an individual a challenge. Diet is the cause of health problems and it is the answer as well...choose raw organic foods that serve your needs verses the wants. Wants usually feel good in the short run but may accumulate to cause difficulties at a later time. Choose wisely! More research is being found to be valuable for fine tuning the frequencies of our cells and cellular systems. Choose wisely, be informed, read labels, refuse Genetically Modified foods.

Fasting and wellness

Fasting is discussed in the Bible near 40 times. I'm aware that it is of value for me to fast near the equinox, spring, summer, fall, and winter. I usually fast for a day or two for each of those times. This year I came down with a deep cold that prompted me to begin a liquid diet. I used Green Tea with  honey and Ginseng diluted with natural spring water and two Emergen-C Raspberry flavor added. I maintained that cleansing process for 14 days. It was a very useful method to stay well while cleaning out the accumulated gunky yellow, green, white and clear mucus.

Obama Cares about US and Humanity


Healthy New Year !

 From moment to moment you or any person has the opportunity to begin the pathway to a more healthy lifestyle...to become the picture of health as well as the reality. The links posted here are to empower all who take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. It is as simple as making the wellness choices that serve the body's needs. One's results are relative to their willingness to be in charge of their life. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, chelation therapy, hydrogen peroxide therapy, and photoluminescense therapy are oxygen enhancing therapies that usually empower the body and brain to work more efficiently.

"The Physician's Desk Reference to Orthomolecular Medicine"

Biochemical balance is what influences how one sees their life and acts out accordingly. Heavy metals, aluminum, chlorine, sodium fluoride, hormones from animals and plants, their life history, contributes to the results one experiences. There's a publication that presents clinical information about some of the more important challenges that we as a society are affected by...it is titled, "The Physician's Desk Reference to Orthomolecular Medicine" by Dr. Abraham Hoffer, MD. It presents alcoholism, hypoglycemia, and other mental and physical disorders/diseases. Although it was out of print, it was/is a very valuable resource for many health challenges masked by pharma medications that don't solve the problems. Requests for its re-publication could make it available once again.

Welcome to my wellness blog...ask whatever you'd like.

Welcome to my site. My intentions are to assist anyone interested, with the best answers for their health and well being. Something that I believe is very important is that people eliminate their use of items that contain aluminum because as a drying agent it has the ability to travel anywhere in the body and crosses the blood brain barrier and has been found at the site where the memories are stored. I believe aluminum will one day be found at the seed of all disorders.
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