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Reasons to Vote for Bernie Sanders as Our next President
Empower yourself...
Corn Pollution and Chelation Therapy, Insecticides
Prayers for my best human friend Robert J Giraro
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Reasons to Vote for Bernie Sanders as Our next President

Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking to be the next President of the United States of America. He is doing quite well considering that he began just ten months ago and the establishment media has tried to ignore his efforts. Bernie is the best man for the job because he has some wonderful ideas to take back Our country from the 1% to return it to the 99%. I am in favor of his actions and I want to continue helping him accomplish his desired goals. Free and affordable College, free health care for all as a right, restore voters rights, restore veteran's rights, create a more equitable wage by increasing the federal minimum wage to $15.

Empower yourself...

Empower yourself...this will involve your efforts to expand your consciousness. There is a great book written by T Colin Campbell titled The China Study. As a researcher Dr. Campbell has had a 40-50 year journey. The China Study is a very comprehensive presentation of the data experienced by Dr. Campbell. His information was published in 2005. I completed reading it in 2014 and I recommend that each and every individual read it and incorporate the wisdom and knowledge from his publication and share it with your family, friends, coworkers plus neighbors and post it to your social media.

Corn Pollution and Chelation Therapy, Insecticides

Corn seems to be a main vegetable in most soup kitchens and I would be willing make a friendly wager that the officials coordinating each soup kitchen, hospitals, nursing homes and the school lunch programs, etc. don't know this information. I wonder if the corn tortilla companies know this information? How can they be notified? Who approved this? How could congress allow this to happen to US human Beings? Why are we being forced to pollute Our body by not knowing? Pondering questions...we must make changes.

Prayers for my best human friend Robert J Giraro

Bob had a collision while on his motorcycle headed home from work. He needs prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank you, God Bless, Spencer

Nano Silver 10 PPM Natural Solutions Foundation

Nano Silver 10 PPM has been reported by Dr Rima Laibow MD to neutralize the Ebola Virus and its mutations. Natural Solutions Foundation.

My options to medications

I ask for the natural alternative to any medications my primary care physician wants to prescribe for me. I decline to take medications...I ask about the role of foods, types, spring water, vitamins and minerals, organic and inorganic cell salts. More greens, organic spring mix, spinach, romaine, sprouts, wheatgrass juice, barley grass juice, etc. What my doctor has prescribed to me is Vitamin C, B-complex, folic acid, 1000 mcg to lower my blood pressure, Niacin for cholesterol and zinc for my immune system, eyes, prostate and skin.

Why? The Pharma/Medical Community Directors are Doing What?

How much money is enough? Human lives, common ethnic peoples have the right to be saved. Ebola Virus is the new greed on the block. We can fix this but it is worth too much $ money $ for it to be fixed, although it is a tragedy that these educated, learned directors of organizations are perpetuating the protocol that clearly is in place to not solve the problems. Why? Human lives are not expendable at their whim. God created women/men to live a comfortable pleasant life. Certain people think God's children don't matter because of their skin color, their language, their goodness.

Spain, Europe, UK, USA and the World's Ebola Solution

Nano Silver 10 PPM has been reported by Dr Rima Liabow MD CEO of Natural Solutions Foundation to neutralize the Ebola Virus and its mutations. Providing the body with immune builders, organic fresh vegetables and fruits, no meat or dairy and adding vitamin C and others plus minerals that are defenders of the immune systems will enable the body to improve the results. Silver substances, homeopathically formulated had been used routinely until the 1940's when they began trying to pinpoint one type of anti for each new challenge.

Human wellness and health care

Where is your God? These posts are very disappointing, all Godless! Not one person has considered that this is being created by nefarious government workers who are trying to sabotage Our citizens. from within the United States of America. Disease, disorders, dis-ease, and illnesses are started and perpetuated by those who have a vested interest in their continuation because of greed. The answers to   all health challenges are answered in the Bible...fasting, Genesis 1:29 as well as others. Wellness is an individual responsibility. Healthy organic fresh vegetables, fruits and enzymes are vital as well as supplements to fortify the immune systems of each and every human being, being human. Learn to be healthy because you are with you 24 hours a day vs a doctor who might give you ten minutes and ask you what you are experiencing so they might be able guess what synthetic chemicals might cause an influence on your level of health. Build your immune systems with what feeds it, not what instead, adds additional burdens to what the body and brain need to be well and healthy. Chelation Therapy can be used to remove heavy metals as well as excess calcium that helps slow down the circulatory systems...clog the arteries, causing the body to have gangrene thus amputations...Chelation IV drip can reverse these difficulties thus saving one's body parts, leg ulcers, heart valves, toes, feet, and legs. God Bless You Spencer  

Ebola and infant mortality on Our planet Earth

It is heartening to see you take a position on children and the child in each of US. I wrote a message on Yahoo News today to the Ebola Virus crisis in Africa. I have communicated about some of the problems and solutions...we have the answers, we have the answers and some of those answers follow. We can continue to complicate it or we can go back to nature and natural methods. There is a business, the medical community, that wants it to be complicated and costly. It needs to be simplified and less costly.
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